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 Digital Business Cards 

What is Digital Business Cards?

A Digital Business Card can contain text-based information e.g. sales reports, corporate logos, pricelists or restaurant menus, animations, narration, recorded music, graphics, 3-D architectural drawings/plans and video clips among others.

Depending on your personal or corporate requirements, the presentation will run when inserted into a CD-Rom drive and play uninterrupted like a short movie, or can be navigated via a menu display, thus giving the viewer an opportunity to pause on areas of specific interest e.g. a complex circuit diagram or some video footage shot from the inside of a new model sports car being put through a rigorous speed trial.

The applications of the Digital Business Cards are limitless. With a PC or Macintosh in virtually every office, home, retail outlet, hospital and school nowadays, someone receiving a Digital Card should not encounter any obstacles in viewing your corporate presentation in full, glorious, digital colour and sound.

Why to use Digital Business Cards?

It is undoubtedly the most powerful corporate marketing tool to emerge in recent years, and its effectiveness, when weighed up against conventional one-dimensional brochures and stationery in terms of relative costs, novelty value and visual impact, is undeniably impressive.

Great advantages over conventional media:

  • Ability to store large amounts of Data (average card holds 40MB)
  • Most cost effective to manufacture compared with conventional media
  • Minimal mailing cost compared with bulky catalogues, videos/samples
  • Collectable aspect (i.e. football cards)
  • Compact, interactive multimedia package
  • Fits neatly into a top pocket, wallet or purse
  • The ultimate captive marketing tool: A DIRECT LINK to YOUR website!
  • Versatile, Mac and PC compatible. DVD also available
  • Available in up to 180 MB storage
  • Will work in all CD-ROM trays
  • Environmentally friendly, paperless medium
  • Easy to store large quantities of CD-ROMs

How much information can a 40 MB e-bizcard hold?

  • PDF in English: up to 1,500 pages
  • HTML with average graphics: 500-2000 pages
  • MMD File: 1-2 hours
  • Flash Animation: 4-6 hours
  • Video (320 x 240 pixel, 30 frames, MPEG): 5 minutes
  • CD-Audio: 4 minutes. 45 seconds
  • Power Point: 250 slides
  • MP3 Music in stereo CD quality: 48 minutes
  • MP3 Music in stereo FM quality: 96 minutes
  • MP3 Music in mono voice quality: 400 minutes

Where to use Digital Business Cards?


  • Company/Organization/Event Marketing
  • Interactive Catalogue
  • Movie/CD Sampler
  • Multimedia Premium & Gift
  • Software Demo

Mass Market:

  • Greeting Cards

Direct Marketing Tools:

  • Interactive Membership Card
  • Interactive Direct Mailing Catalogue

Name Card:

  • Interactive Business Card
  • Property Agents
  • Insurance Agents


  • Exhibition/Concert/Event/Ticket
  • Theme Park Ticket

Now is the time to go digital! Contact us now for a detailed discussion on how you can benefit from our digital business cards solution.

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